(Previously known as McLean's Cemetery, Darebin Creek Cemetery and Strathallan Cemetery) 900 Plenty Road, Bundoora, Victoria.

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Note: This is a work in progress. A looooooooong way to go to completion.
Most graves located in the old Strathallan cemetery, I only have the area code with no grave number. (eg. A2 or B2A, etc)

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Please include the names of the persons you require, year of death and the cemetery name.

Surname Given Names Date of Death Age Location Comments
Young Constance Ruby 18 May 1944 43 N 9408 nee. Mould
Young George Andrew 23 Apr 1930 73 C1
Young Hester 14 Sep 1934 73 C1 nee. Sawyer
Young Hester may 24 Jul 1968 81 D1 nee. Wilson
Young John Alexander 19 Oct 1913 32 D1
Zwar Enid Jean 29 Sep 1988 85 C2
Zwar Henry Peter 12 Jan 1959 85 C2
Zwar Herman Richard 6 Jul 1986 80 C2
Zwar Jane Frier 29 Apr 1952 78 C2 nee. Cunningham

February 2016